You don’t know how to start or how to continue? In order to navigate through the transformation as effectively as possible, you need a good knowledge of where you are and where you can apply the leverage. This forms the basis for transformation measures.

Agile transformation is a complex process. It is as individual as your organisation. Questions inevitably arise such as:

  • Where do I start?
  • Where am I right now?
  • How do I design the procedure?
  • What measures do I need to take?

On the basis of our Pioneers Trafo-ModellTM we clarify these questions together with you. We look together at where you currently stand and where levers for your transformation can be found. In this way, you can provide effective orientation and take meaningful and targeted measures for your organisation. Depending on the question and goal, we accompany you either with an impulse workshop, in which we give you inspiration for your further expedition, or with the organisational analysis, in which we delve deeper into the DNA of your organisation.

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Pioneers Trafo-Check

You get an overview of where you stand with your organisation. You find out where the bottlenecks are that are holding you back in your transformation. The group report also provides a variety of perspectives from your company. From this, we derive initial recommendations for action for you. Get to know the Pioneers Trafo-Check and receive your free individual report.

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Impulse workshop

Your agile journey is stalling? The management expects a plan for the next steps and asks about efficiency and results? An expert:inside view from outside creates clarity about your next steps and identifies current levers for more effectiveness with you!

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Organisational analysis

Does your company need agility and if so, how much? Based on the six dimensions of our Pioneers Trafo-ModellTM , we analyse your company or the area in question with you in a neutral and holistic way. You will receive recommendations for action in your areas of development.

Pioneers Agile HR-Framework

Pioneers Agile-HR-Framework

Are you responsible for the development of your HR organisation? You want to know where you stand and are looking for specific recommendations for a sustainable HR organisation model? Find out how our Agile HR framework can help you redesign your HR strategy and how new agile working methods can support you.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact Till directly and send him a message via the form.

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