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Make your journey more comfortable by taking a playful journey or building a solid foundation that’s easier to work from. We offer you the right tools for haptic and digital use.

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Agile Challenge

The “Agile Challenge” is a set of cards that is intended for your use in everyday leadership. It contains 52 challenges for your everyday leadership and the further development of your teams. The idea behind it is that you focus on one Agile Challenge per week.

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Pioneer Cards

Develop further with a fun factor! You experience further development in a playful way and revolutionise your meetings and processes along the way. Give and receive feedback in a new way and promote transparent exchange in the team.

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Remote Challenge

The Remote Challenge contains a total of 40 challenges for your work in an agile context. Both for your (virtual) collaboration in the team and for your (virtual) challenges in the leadership context. Each of the 40 thought-provoking challenges is followed by a check-in into the day and a check-out at the end of your working day.

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The calculator game helps you to experience agile values and principles. With this playful exercise you will quickly get into action: Instead of talking about partly abstract terms, you create a shared space of experience with the game, which helps to effectively learn the meaning of the agile values and principles (the instructions and the moderation notes are only available in German).

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Team Challenge

The Team Challenge is a set of cards that we have developed for your use in the team. It is based on the experiences of our clients. It consists of 52 impulses that you can integrate into your everyday work in a very practical way. The idea is that you tackle a new challenge every week. Teambuilding par excellence!

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Values Companion

With the „Values Companion“, we give you a book that supports you in your values work on more than 170 pages. More than 160 reflection questions help you to deal with your values. And with the more than 30 workhacks that we present to you in the book, you can tackle your values directly in your everyday (work) life (the book is only available in German).

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Workhack Book: Veränderung im Sinn

We would like to encourage you to readjust the compass again and again – especially when things falter or the desired effects do not occur immediately. Our work hack book “Change in Mind” supports you in this. It contains 32 practical workhacks, inspiring illustrations, clever questions & provocative slogans and an inspiring 15-minute dream from Studio komplementaer “Dream in Colour” (the book is only available in German).