Pioneer’s 6 Success Factors Model and Transformation Processes

You may be wondering how to implement agile transformation. We help you to keep the overview and get the ball rolling. Our Pioneers 6 Success Factors model can help you as a first orientation grid to get started with an agile transformation:

6 success factors model

Ensure motivation for transformation, satisfy the need for meaning:

  • Reasons: It must be possible to communicate the need for change to all employees in a way that they can understand, and it must also be possible to demonstrate this again and again in later phases: What problems do we want to solve with the transformation?
  • Developing a picture of the future: In an organization with a high degree of self-organization, a common direction is very important. It helps to have a concise image of the future that everyone can understand, that gives the members of the organization orientation and creates meaning.​

Organise transformation, ensure sustainability and transparency:

  • Staffing roles: The composition of the transformation team is critical to success: it needs volunteers who are opinion leaders in the company, have staying power, are communicative and empathetic, and cover a good breadth of different perspectives.​
  • Organize the transformation process in an agile manner: Transformation backlog, task board, stories or hypotheses and regular agile meetings are the foundation of a clearly defined process that is crucial for the success of the transformation.​

Drive transformation:

  • Change framework conditions: The right starting points for change on the system must be identified and prioritized. They must be implemented where and by those where it is relevant and consistently learned from experience. ​
  • Accompany and involve colleagues: It is important to turn those affected into participants. This is achieved through the active involvement of people, adequate corporate communications, a corresponding attitude, a great deal of transparency and consistent training. ​

The Motivation Factors and the Supporting Colleagues Factor represent a summary of classic change management. The factor of changing framework conditions takes up the findings from systems theory and is aligned with system components that lead to more agility through our Pioneers Trafo-ModellsTM. The organisational factors of filling roles and organising processes are also worth looking at through an agile lens. After all, if we want our company to become agile, we ourselves should set a good example by using an agile process in our transformation approach. Therefore, we propose to base the transformation process on the Scrum and Lean Startup process with a few adaptations:


Of course, this is only one way of thinking and must be adapted accordingly depending on the size of the company, existing culture and mission.

We support you in the transformation, e.g.

  • Setting up a transformation team, initialising it, setting up the process with it and training it in agility and change management.
  • as a transformation master, who helps the team to work according to agile values and principles and supports the work of the team with a large toolkit
  • As a transformation team member with a lot of experience in implementing measures to increase the agile maturity level on the 6 dimensions of our Pioneers Trafo-ModellsTM

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