Values companion

Your workbook for values work
For all those who want to work on their values and their effects

In accompanying transformation processes, we repeatedly come to the realisation that agile change goes hand in hand with cultural change. This change starts on a small scale with each individual and sometimes means hard work on values.

With the „Values Companion“, we provide you with a book that supports you in your values work on more than 170 pages. More than 160 reflection questions help you to deal with your values. And with the more than 30 work hacks that we present in the book, you can tackle your values directly in your everyday (work) life. You want to know which values we deal with in the book? You can read more about them in this blog post (in German). The book is only available in German.


Working with the Values companion

Although values are very deeply rooted, this does not mean that we cannot work on the impact of the values.

The values companion focusses on one value per chapter. You will familiarise yourself with the content of the value in the introduction. On the following page, you will find workhacks that you can use to work on the value. This is followed by four double pages on which you regularly reflect on what you have learnt and take on new things. At the end, you can reflect on this phase as a whole and decide what you will do differently now. Very concrete and immediately realisable!

We have deliberately dispensed with the 365-day cycle in the Values Companion. You decide at what pace you want to work through the book.


  • One value companion costs €35.00 + 7% VAT.
  • From two value companions per order, the price is reduced to €30.00 + 7% VAT each.

The book is currently only available in German.

Target group

  • People who want to work on their values and attitudes in a corporate context, individually or in groups.


  • Information, reflection tasks and workhacks on the ten most important values in terms of corporate culture (determined in a customer vote)