Agile Challenge

52 Challenging Assignments for Agile Leaders
Leaders and all those who want to further develop themselves and teams

The “Agile Challenge” is a set of cards that is intended for your use in everyday leadership. It contains 52 challenges for your everyday leadership and the further development of your teams. The idea behind it is that you focus on one Agile Challenge per week.

The cards support you in the further development of your leadership skills and your understanding of leadership. They help to guide your team towards more self-responsibility, collaborative and trusting cooperation. They contain practical impulses and food for thought for your everyday leadership.

The challenges are based on the six attitudes of an agile leader that we have developed. We have defined the six attitudes as follows:

  • Pioneering spirit or openness to change (… questioning the existing, developing innovations and breaking new ground).
  • Trust (… is the subjective conviction of a person’s credibility and reliability)
  • Self-responsibility (… systematically increases the self-responsibility of his team)
  • Collaboration (… improves teamwork, connects people and promotes self-organised work)
  • Ability to learn and develop (… constantly develops himself and the team, develops his own strengths and learns from mistakes)
  • Results orientation/focus (… pursues goals with perseverance and focus and leads the team and himself to excellent solutions)

You can order the Agile Challenge for 45 Euro net directly from our shop (plus VAT and shipping costs). If you have any questions or would like more information about the card set and its possible uses, please contact Esther Römer at or call 0221/ 98 83 03 83. The Agile Challenge is available in a German and an English version.

And if you want to get an impression of the Agile Challenge in advance, you can find a few impressions here:


  • Managers
  • Agile coaches
  • Project managers

Each set contains:

  • 52 cards with Agile Challenges for everyday leadership
  • 1 set of instructions
  • Outer packaging