Agile Challenge

52 Challenging Assignments for Agile Leaders
Managers and all those who want to develop themselves and teams further

The Agile Challenge is a practical set of cards that was created to assist you with your everyday leadership tasks. It contains 52 challenges designed to help not only you – but your entire team – to learn and grow. The underlying idea is for you to focus on one agile challenge each week.

What is the objective of the Agile Challenge?

The cards help support you in expanding your leadership skills and your understanding of the leadership role. They assist your team in developing a stronger sense of individual responsibility as well as establishing cooperative and trust-based collaboration. And the cards provide concrete suggestions and inspiring ideas for your everyday tasks as a leader.

What is the basis for the Agile Challenge?

The challenges are based on the six attitudes of agile leadership that we’ve developed. We define these six attitudes as follows:

  • A pioneering spirit and openness to change (… questioning the status quo, coming up with innovative concepts, forging new paths)
  • Trust (… the subjective belief in a person’s credibility and reliability)
  • A sense of individual responsibility (… systematically strengthens the entire team’s sense of individual responsibility)
  • A collaborative attitude (… boosts team spirit, brings people together, promotes self-organized work)
  • The ability to learn and grow (… continuously expands the manager’s own skills and those of the team, discovering strengths and learning from mistakes)
  • Results-orientation (… works toward goals with focus and persistence, leading the entire team to achieve excellent results)

You may order the Agile Challenge at the price of 39 Euro net directly from our shop (plus taxes and shipping costs). If you have any questions or would like to get some more information about the card set, please contact Esther Römer at or call 0221/98 83 03 83. The Agile Challenge is available in German and English.

And if you want to get an impression of the Agile Challenge in advance, you’ll find some pictures here:


  • Leaders and management roles
  • Agile Coaches
  • Project managers
  • And all who like to reflect and enhance their leading skills

Each set contains:

  • 52 cards with agile challenges
  • A brief instruction on two cards