We revolutionize management, helping build exceptional companies of the future, with self-reliant staff and management who are able to keep up with the rapid pace of digital transformation and quickly adapt.

We are pioneers: full of energy, with a dynamic and passionate approach to our work. We are experts in taking learning results and integrating them into daily routines – creating new, innovative, and tailor-made solutions every day, together with our clients.

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Our story begins in 2010, when André, propelled by a mission to completely re-vamp and innovate HR, founded the company “HR Competence GmbH” while at the same time, together with Boris Gloger, establishing the firm “Scrumjobs.” Scrumjobs was, at that time, a search and referral platform for such professional profiles as “Scrum Master” and “Product Owner.” In 2012, André’s vision for transforming HR led to the creation of our company’s trademark “HR Pioneers” along with our “agile.people” label. During that time, the company’s six staff members enthusiastically threw themselves into making André’s vision a reality: developing new personnel management solutions for dynamic companies. Our goal was to assist companies in adapting more quickly, effectively, and sustainably to new market situations – which is, in reality, the purest form of agility. We are driven by the desire to connect people and companies, enabling them to learn from each other. This desire led, in 2012, to the formation of an innovative new networking format, the Agile Conference. From its humble beginnings, with 20 participants, the Agile Conference has, in the ensuing years, developed into the largest conference on the agile management scene. By 2014, the enormous interest in our discoveries and thinking in the area of agile HR and leadership led us to begin to offer public certified training. The longer we have accompanied companies through their transformations and set new concepts into action, the more we have come to understand how helpful a playful learning atmosphere can be. This realization led to the 2015 market introduction of the prototype of our Pioneer Cards, a card game targeted at personnel development. This was followed, in 2017 and 2018, by the introduction of two further card sets: Agile Challenge and Pioneers Navigator. As with many of our innovations, we always develop our games in collaboration with our partners and customers, who provide us with valuable feedback.

The growing number of topics and projects led to a significant staff increase in 2017, and now, in 2018, our team is made up of over 20 Pioneers. While this was an absolute win for the company in terms of the bandwidth of diverse skills that our staff possesses, it also presented challenges to our communications structures and our organization – even to our corporate culture. We looked at this as an opportunity for self-examination and exploration.  We experimented with formats such as the “Pioneers Lab”, as well as with fluid teams and team networking. We set aside time during one of the labs for an in-depth discussion and the development of our corporate values – i.e., the values that both characterize us as Pioneers and to which we wholeheartedly wish to commit ourselves:

  • Purpose
  • Passion
  • Collaboration (team spirit & cooperation)
  • Integrity (trustfulness, sincerity, commitment)
  • Development
  • Pioneer spirit

You may be thinking that this all sounds too good to be true – but the reality is that our values and our passion are what both drive us and hold us together. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there are not a number of topics where we experience friction, which then forces us to grow – just as in any other organization. What binds us together in spite of this? The fun, the passion, the freedom to experiment, and the authenticity we experience in our daily work together – along with our conviction that when we work together, as a troop of Pioneers, we can accomplish more for our customers!


Our office is located in Cologne Ehrenfeld.

HR Pioneers GmbH
Mechternstraße 44
50823 Cologne


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Interested in finding out who’s on the Pioneer team? Click here to learn more about each of us and our expertise, area of responsibilities, and passions.

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Are you fascinated at the idea of creating new and imaginative tools for HR and management? Are you at a point in your own journey where you are ready to become a Pioneer? If so, then we would be delighted to welcome you in the near future to our team!