Pioneer Cards

Our “Explore Your Potential!” Pioneer Cards were developed as a playful feedback and employee development tool.
You experience development in a playful way and revolutionize your meetings and processes. Give and receive feedback in a new way and promote transparent exchange within the team!

You can use the Pioneer Cards card set for the following purpose:

  • Explore your values: Discover the values that are most important to you, and, in so doing, also discover what it is that motivates you.
  • Explore Your Competencies: Identify your own competencies and how strong they are. Form a basis for developing your own competencies that can also be used for performance reviews or feedback sessions.
  • Team Development – With Hands and Head: Determine required team competencies and assess their strengths within the team. This results in development steps that need to be taken.
  • Be a Player in the Feedback World Cup: Use ranking as a basis for dialogue and learning about the strengths of others. No grading of individual team members!
  • Find Agile Co-Workers: Examine the applicant’s reflective and self-analytical abilities. Participate in an exchange of ideas with or about the applicant.

You can order the Pioneer Cards “Mensch entwickle Dich!” for 39 Euro net directly from our shop (plus VAT and shipping costs). If you have any questions or would like further information about the card set and its possible uses, please contact Esther Römer at or by telephone on 0221/98 83 03 83. The Pioneer Cards are available in a German and an English version.

And if you already want to get an impression of the game, you may find some pictures here:

Areas of use:

  • recruiting, e.g. job interviews and assessment centers
  • retrospective evaluation
  • career development (employees, teams and leaders)
  • finding a company vision

Each set contains:

  • 32 competency cards
  • 32 value cards
  • 10 sets of scoring cards (11 cards from 0–10)
  • Game instructions