Stefani Fülöpp

People Managerin


After her training as a marketing assistant, Steffi earned a degree in translation and interpreting (English/Spanish) at the Technical University of Cologne. At the same time, she was working at the RTL broadcast studios in the area of international broadcast program monitoring, where she combed through broadcasts from Spanish-speaking countries for new formats, which she then reported on in an internal newsletter. After graduation, Steffi worked at McKinsey & Company as an executive assistant, which provided her with a wide range of exceptional and challenging experiences.

Steffi has been a member of the HR Pioneers team since April 2017, where her expertise as a customer relationship manager has been put to good use. She finds this new, agile way of thinking and working intensely interesting and, from an employee perspective, quite refreshing! She has a deep interest in people and interpersonal relationships, which she hopes to further develop in her current position.