Marcus Minzlaf – Foto

Marcus Minzlaff

Management Consultant
Marcus Minzlaf – Foto


„It needs a fundamentally different approach to organization and especially leadership.” This impression crystallized more and more in recent years, as Marcus has headed various service center areas at TUI. He has designed several major organizational and team development processes over time, where culture and leadership were key drivers of economic success. He was able to gather valuable experience on the challenges on the (broad) path between classic and agile organization, especially with regard to leadership and customer interfaces. In his earlier professional career Marcus also got to know classic management consulting at A.T. Kearney and worked at his various TUI stations both in corporate structures and in small, medium-sized subsidiaries. His two-year training as a coach for change processes was also a defining feature for him.

Marcus joined the HR Pioneers team in 2018. He is dedicated to the task of designing with leaders and teams in transformations their own development path that meets an increasingly complex and volatile environment. For him, the inner attitude to change essentially determines their outcome. His motto: “What we think today, we will be tomorrow.”