Jennifer Rolle

Management Consultant


Following her graduation with a degree in psychology with a focus on industrial and organizational psychology, Jenni first worked in personnel development at Steria Mummert Consulting (now Sopra Steria). There, she was responsible for the quantitative and qualitative design of tools for traditional personnel diagnostics and employee development. At the same time, she headed up major internal HR projects and expanded the Organizational Development department, taking on its leadership in the process.
During this time, she realized more and more that traditional personnel and organizational development tools, when used in a traditional organization, were not providing the results that they promised. Jenni decided to start afresh and to make a daring leap to the agile world. This led to a position as an Agile Coach at the company “whatever mobile”, where she took over team and organizational development. She was able to gain invaluable experience in the operative support of teams in an agile organization, allowing her to expand her agile methods and transformation skills, as well as to completely re-think her concept of HR.

Jenni has been a member of the HR Pioneers team since 2016, commendably sharing her expertise in the areas of change, agile leadership, support for agile teams, coaching of a variety of roles, and organizational and employee development. She takes a determined approach to the task at hand – always, however, with great appreciation for those with whom she is working. As a native of Hamburg, whose citizens are known for their industriousness, her motto is: “Less talk, more work!”