Esther Römer



In the course of her cooperative business administration studies, Esther quickly developed a strong interest in marketing and international management. For her thesis, she chose to examine the ways in which corporate culture is shaped and developed during the course of M&As. In 2003, she was able to experience first-hand the diversity of corporate cultures thanks to a grant from the Carl Duisberg Society that allowed her to travel to Malaysia and participate in an internship there at BP. For many years, she was responsible for management activities at BP Germany – always with an emphasis on the areas of operations, marketing, and HR management.

Since May 2012, she has been responsible for the establishment and on-going development of the HR Pioneers Marketing Department. She especially enjoys further developing the HR Pioneers brand and is proud of the values-based growth of the company. In her daily routine, teaming up with Franzi is a particular delight. Esther loves to throw herself whole-heartedly into projects – like the website relaunch. A further passion of hers is creating and developing playful training tools, such as the Pioneer Cards and the Agile Challenge. She has a special fondness for well-written texts, beautiful pictures, and appealing design.