André Häusling
Gründer & Geschäftsführer

About André Häusling

After completing his education in the social sciences, André began work as a consultant for an HR consulting firm. He specialized in personnel management for IT firms and, at WEB.DE AG, where he served as head of HR, worked to expand the company’s personnel management. This is where, in 2005, he first encountered Scrum and began to learn more about “agile personnel management.” During this time he also earned an M.A. in Human Resources Development. Following his time at WEB.DE AG, he worked for the IT outsourcing companies Fujitsu Services GmbH und TDS AG, heading up a cross-company HR Competence Center. As leader of the HR Competence Center, André’s responsibilities included working with his team on HR projects in the areas of recruiting, talent management, international personnel development, and organizational development.

Time and again, he found that existing personnel tools – such as annual performance review and other traditional career management tools – were limiting his effectiveness as a personnel director. HR was frequently viewed as an obstacle. And so, in 2010, with a vision for moving HR out of its administrative role and transforming it into an active strategy shaper, André took a leap of faith and founded HR Pioneers. His greatest enthusiasm is for agile transformations of both individuals and companies – constantly re-thinking agile HR and leadership in new and innovative ways. One of our biggest success factors lies in our ability to bring people together and network them. This led, in 2012, to André’s founding of the Agile HR Conference. His hard work was rewarded in 2015, when the influential German HR publication “personalmagazin” named him “Der Agiler” (The agile one) and recognized him as one of the 40 leading heads in the HR scene. In 2017, he was again among these top 40, this time as an “agility pioneer.” Alongside his work as an HR manager, André further promotes his mission through the books he has authored. In 2017, his publications Agile Organisationen (“Agile Organizations”) and Praxisbuch Agilität (“A Practical Guide to Agility”), written in collaboration with fellow Pioneers, were published. His advice to anyone seeking to transform their company? “Start re-thinking HR!”