Our approach to staff and organizational development is based on agile thinking, allowing us to support employees, teams and companies in an agile environment in achieving extraordinary success.

We want to help you to re-think your personnel and organizational development in an agile context and stand ready to provide your organization with support and assistance as you undergo your agile transformation.

The concept of agility includes far more than just agile processes like Scrum. In most companies, the bottleneck is found elsewhere. Our consulting approach, based on our Trafo (“transformation”) model, is therefore holistic, taking into account not only process-related dimensions, but also such dimensions as strategy, structure, leadership, organizational culture, and personnel tools.

Agility is not a cure-all, but we view agility as a useful tool for effectively dealing with the increasing complexity and ever-more-rapid change confronting companies today. Our goal is to help prepare your organization to meet these challenges and shifting demands – we would be happy to consult you on a wide variety of topics, with an emphasis on Agile HR and Agile Leadership, and to support and advise you in the planning and implementation of your own agile transformation.

Trafo Modell Kreis


Measuring agile transformation in an effective way

The following services are among the many included in our service portfolio:

  • Consulting and on-going support for agile transformations
  • Public or in-house training sessions on Agile Leadership, Agile HR, Agile Transformation, Agile Tools, Agile Organizational Structure, Agile Basics
  • Motivational presentations, on-premise or as part of a public platform
  • Development of innovative, practical tools for the agile workplace, such e.g. the Pioneer Cards or the Agile Challenge
  • Networking opportunities at our Agile HR Conference and our Pioneer Meetups

We would be happy to help you identify solutions, develop innovative concepts, and to give you creative, inventive tools for implementing these.


Agile Leadership

Agile Leadership

Conceptualization and workshops on the following topics:
• Re-thinking Leadership
• Establishing an Agile Leadership Culture
• Agile Leadership Structures
• Agile Leadership Training
• Agile Peer Leader Training
• Individual Coaching
• Agile Challenge

Agile HR

Agile HR

Conceptualization and workshops on the following topics:
• Agile HR Management
• Agile HR Structures
• Agile HR Manager Training
• Agile Collaboration Days
• Pioneer Cards

Agile Transformation

Agile Transformation

• On-going Support During Agile Transformation
• Agile Coach Training
• Organizational Analysis
• Team Development
• Agile Transformation Manager Training

Are you an HR professional or manager? Are you in charge of cultural transformation in your organization? Would you like to set your company on a new course? It can often be helpful to seek out fresh ideas and support from outside the organization. We welcome your questions and will candidly and truthfully work with you to determine whether we are the right partner for you. If we turn out to be a great fit, we’d be thrilled to support you as you undertake your agile journey.