Jan Sievers – Portrait

Jan Sievers

Agile Management Consultant
Jan Sievers – Portrait


It all began with waterfall project management and a huge project that spanned many years. The result was a fantastic software system, which, unfortunately, no longer met the current market challenges or the client’s needs. In Jan’s search for a better approach, one that would be able to adjust to the increasing rate of change and the growing complexities, he first stumbled across Scrum. His initial experience, confirmed later in his work with colleagues, quickly made it clear to him that a fundamental shift in values was essential – that simply introducing Scrum or Kanban to an organization could in no way by itself suffice to make the organization more agile. He spent eleven years as an agile coach and agile lead at E.ON and TUI. Along with supporting agile roles and management, he continually collaborated with his HRP colleagues on transformations to corporate structure and culture.

Jan has been an HR Pioneer since 2017, bringing with him many years of corporate experience. His specialty is working with agile transformations, where his approach is characterized by a holistic view of the organization and a focus on individuals. To Jan, helping people develop skills in the face of uncertainty is more important than constantly chasing after what appears to be the best solution. For him, experimentation and exploration are thus essential, representing critical components of the learning process.