“Der “agile Manager” in der Praxis – vom Experten zum Coach” – Vortrag von Andrea Maier und Bernd Klumpp, Deutsche Telekom AG – 3. Agile HR Conference am 14.05.2014 in Köln

Wir freuen uns Ihnen heute den nächsten Vortrag mit anschließender Diskussionsrunde der 3. Agile HR Conference vorzustellen. Auch in diesem Jahr dürfen Sie sich auf ein Praxisbeispiel der Deutschen Telekom AG freuen, welches Ihnen von Andrea Maier, Head of Agile Transition Center, und Bernd Klumpp, Vice President Agile Capability Management, präsentiert wird.

“Der “agile Manager” in der Praxis – vom Experten zum Coach”

Kurzbeschreibung des Inhalts

Die Präsentation zeigt auf, welche Anforderungen an die Rolle der Führungskraft im agilen Kontext und generell in einer komplexeren, sich immer schneller veränderten Welt, gestellt werden. Was können wir von Ideen von zum Beispiel Steve Denning, Jurgen Appelo, Bill Joiner, Dan Pink etc. lernen – und wie nutzen wir das bei der Deutschen Telekom um die Führungsteams zu unterstützen.


Andrea Maier
Head of Agile Transition Center, Agile Capability Management


Having worked in the Telco businesses for more than 20 years with a strong focus on business and product development, I came in contact with agile methods pretty late, namely three years ago. But I was hooked immediately because the agile mindset matched so much with how I like to work –  cross-functional teams with an emphasis on what the customer wants. Since then I have been helping with the transformational work within Deutsche Telekom. It is not only about introducing new agile methods such as ScrumKanban or Lean Start-Up. Even more important, at least in my opinion, is the cultural shift to foster an agile mindset and to provide an environment that sustainably carries the agile transition. Leaders and how they work have a huge impact on this agile transition. Management also needs to change and I found lots of interesting ideas and tools in the works of Steve Denning (Radical Management), Jurgen Appelo (Management 3.0) or Bill Joiner (Leadership Agility).

Me and my colleagues in the Agile Transition Team of Deutsche Telekom, Products & Innovation, have been training and coaching hundreds of employees and leaders in the last three years. And the success of the agile transition is palpable and shows itself in better products, higher quality, and lots of motivated people who really embrace the agile mindset.


Bernd Klumpp
Vice President Agile Capability ManagementKlumpp_Foto

My passion is to help Deutsche Telekom to transform their organization and their culture by adopting agile methods and  by encouraging agile mindset to thrive in the 21st century. Building on proven frameworks like Scrum, Radical Management and  Management 3.0, I have trained and coached employees as well as leaders to understand the advantage of agile methods and to help them managing and executing more effectively and developing great products.

Having the first contact with agile teams in 2009 I have been part of the top-down initiative of Deutsche Telekom – Products&Innovation in 2010 as Product Owner of the Agile Transition Team.  With a strong background in change management, business excellence and leadership I promote the necessary change of processes as well as the required mindset shift.

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